Point Global L.L.C. is an alternative investment company that focuses on Socially Responsible Research and Due Diligence. We offer our clients a full range of Hedge Fund and Private Equity Solutions, as well as other Socially Responsible Investment products and services. 


Investment Philosophy

Point Global L.L.C strongly believes that the prudent management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is fundamental to creating value for investors. Hedge Funds that are successful in avoiding ESG risks, and also at identifying and capitalizing on the opportunities, will outperform over the longer term.

Public Interest Advocate

Point Global L.L.C. also functions as a Public Interest Advocate, supporting campaigns that fight to improve the Environment, Education, Healthcare, and Poverty. At Point Global L.L.C., we are committed to building an ecosystem of collaboration between governments, corporations, institutional investors, nonprofits, and individuals. 


50% of all Profits to Charity

With 50% of our profits being donated to charity, Point Global L.L.C. is able to empower people to take actions that will improve their community. Fueling a "Global Grass Roots Network" of people who share a sense of responsibility to society.