7 Aug 2017

Peak electricity demand in Western Australia’s Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) has historically coincided the very hot weather conditions experienced during the summer months. Indeed, for the purpose of allocating the cost of the $650 million Reserve Capacity Mechan...

9 Mar 2017

My hairdresser (nee financier) recently asked me a leading question.... "with the election coming up you must have a view on the privatisation of Western Power?". Immediately I said "I can't believe energy economics and regulation is finally cool. Are you sure you want...

2 Dec 2016

The beginning of December - time for winding down at work and attending endless corporate Christmas parties for some, but for others it is time to task a junior team member with favouriting the Bureau of Meteorology’s website and start picking the peak days.

That’s rig...

11 Nov 2016

I was asked this very question recently in relation to the deferral of the State Government’s energy reform package. It is a good analogy – it isn’t like you can get all those ingredients back to their former state, and it certainly isn’t edible!

So what are you left wi...

3 Oct 2016

Imagine you are one of the founding fathers of economics, how do you fund the publication of your research?

Apparently crowd-funding!

Professor Rod O’Donnell from the University of Technology in Sydney has started a crowd-funding project to get all the writings of John M...

7 Jul 2016

The federal election is over but the 'Mediscare' campaign lives on.

In the 2016 federal election, the Labor party ran a campaign against the privatisation of Medicare Australia, which runs the nation's publicly funded universal healthcare scheme. The Liberal party denie...

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